Meet our Riders.

The ambition, the endless imagination and dreams that they have, brings a big smile to life.

A person can be whatever he wants to be. With the ability to customize the helmet with any design it is possible to fantasize away and be anything and anyone. Having fun is the most important part. We care more about participation than about winning.

Although we have to say that our talented team riders are winners in every aspect.

Miron Likhomanov

Miron is born in 2014, in Russia and he is an amazing snowboarder. He grew up in a snowboard family in the mountains and start riding when he was 1 year and 7 months old. Now he is already going down the slopes on his own. 

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Garik Arutyunov

Garik from Belgium is the true Snowboard Kid! He dreams to become a professional rider and as far as we can see that is a small step for Garik. His spins and turns are already very challenging. This dare devil knows exactly what he is doing. He is shredding hard! Go Garik and have Fun!

It will not suprise us at all, if this fearless kid will be participating at the olympics.

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Tobias van der Linden

Tobias is born in 2006, in the Netherlands and is already a very talented BMX rider. His tricks are amazing. Tobias started riding since he was 3 years old. BMX is his life! His motto is "To live the dream". And he is doing just that, without any fear.

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Become an EGG Rider!

EGG actively desires to grow and expand the riders netword worldwide. So feel free to apply. If you are interested to become a rider, please sen dan e-mail to: info@egghelmets.com.

Some cool pictures or video's help us to cheer for you.