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Customer Care

At EGG we care for our customers.
We do not have the illusion that we do not make mistakes. When you have a question or problem with your product, please contact us.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Phone: +31 888 399 399 (From monday till friday – 09:00AM – 17:00PM)


We will do everything in our power to solve them as soon as possible for your convenience.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Phone: +31 888 399 399 (From Monday till Friday – 09:00AM – 17:00PM)

We will review and respond to your e-mail as soon as possible (normally within 24 hours).


Where are you from?

We are from the Netherlands and are based in Amsterdam, so we are designed, made and engineered in the Netherlands.

Design is important to you

Yes it is. With an advertising and product development background we ensure that the helmet excels uniqueness, quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics. Forms follows function and function follows form.

What is your passion and drive?

To shift the perception from “I need a helmet” to “I want my EGG helmet” as wearing a helmet should be fun and aesthetics.

Why did you start?

A lot of head injuries can be avoided if you wear a helmet. But helmets are not cool. So we wanted to make them look cool. We started because of our passion and love for life, kids and product. And we wanted to have fun while doing it.

What does the EGG organisation stand for?

We stand for openness, transparency, involvement and having fun. 

Have fun?

Yes. You are already safe. So it is in our brand DNA that you have fun. Winning is not important. It is nice, but enjoying yourself and expressing yourself is at least as important.

We are not about competition or about winning. We are about Having Fun!

Can you explain your technology?

EGG uses EPP to have a multi impact and flexible helmet. The outer shell is made of high quality Polycarbonate. 

Why does your helmet cover the ears?

The Jet helmet shape is for optimal protection over the ears and neck and for awesome looks! 

Is the helmet not to hot during the summer?

No, we have an integrated ventilation system that allows air to flow in, travel over the head and exit the helmet on the backside.

How does your lock system work?

We designed our own. With an easy click and release system, your skin will never be stuck pinch between your lock system.

What does EGG stand for?

The EGG, just like an egg, is designed to protect its precious content – a human head, in the best way possible by combining strength, light weight and comfort.

An EGG is a positive symbol of life as new life forms within. It represents beginning and potential.
Human heads are the source of creation and imagination.

Everything that surrounds us in our human world originates from a thought, which spawned in someone’s head. Thus, what lies within the egg, is the starting point of creation and must be protected.

That meaning is packed into this simple three-lettered word: EGG.

The conversation revolves around fun, safety and comfort. Everybody is invited.
Have fun!

EGG is FUNctional.

Where do you produce?

We have our own production facilities in the Netherlands, where we produce and manufacture the EGG helmets.

Where can I buy an EGG helmet?

We sell EGG online through our own webshop. We also sell EGG in more than 400 stores in Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Please check the store locator to find a retail store nearby. 

When do I need to replace the helmet?

A helmet should be replaced after a serious impact or after 3-5 years when used in a normal way without severe impact occasions.

What size do I need?

You always should measure the head circumference of your kid with measuring tape. It is best to measure the head circumference starting one centimeter above the eyebrow. 

We have 2 sizes:

Small:     48  – 51 CM
Medium:  52 - 56 CM

Until what age EGG can be used?

It depends on the head size, but average is between the age of 1 and 12.

Is the helmet adjustable?

The helmet can be adjusted using the chinstrap and 2 sizes of fit padding

Can the helmet be used on a scooter / moped / motor

No, the EGG helmet is solely for use in non-motorized sports, for which it complies with the necessary safety regulations.

How do I apply the skin?

Step 1.

Put the helmet right-side up on a flat surface. Place the Skin with printing on the outside, plastic strip facing inwards and the front- and backside of the Skin on the correct side over the helmet by pulling both ears of the Skin over the helmet. Push the Skin on the front- and backside as far as possible over the helmet using your thumb and index finger. Keep the Skin in place, and turn the helmet upside down.

Step 2.

Place the plastic strip on one side over the edge of the helmet near the lock and ears. Do this on the other side of the helmet too near the lock and ears. 

Step 3.

Place the plastic strip on the front- and backside over the edge of the helmet, using thumb and index finger, through which it ultimately is placed within the slot between the outer shell and the comfort core of the helmet.

Step 4.

Check if the Skin is in place by observing if the seaming follows the grooves that run over the upper side of the helmet.

Execute these steps with care in the opposite order to remove the Skin.

An instructional movie is available on YouTube. Watch the instruction video

How do I apply and add-on?

EGG Add-ons all have their own holes in which they can be attached to the outside of the helmet. For an indication of where the Add-on can be placed on to the helmet, see packaging of the Add-on. Attach the Add-on only in the therefore designed holes.

Every Add-on van be attached to the helmet in the therefore designed holes by pushing the feet of the Add-on through the Skin into the hole. The Skin stretches along when attaching the Add-on, which makes it that Skin and Add-on can be very well used in combination with each other. The Add-on can easily be removed by clicking it loose. 

Why is it called EGG?

Why is it called EGG?

An egg is generally regarded as something fragile, vulnerable and in need of protection but in reality an egg is quite the opposite. An egg is nature’s brilliant solution to provide protection by using one of the strongest known shapes; the arch. Arches have been used by architects throughout history not only for their aesthetics but also for their capability to support massive

weights. When placed vertically, the egg has amazing strength for the

thinness and light-weight of its shell ensuring that the unhatched chick inside

is safe and protected. Thanks to the nature’s ingenious design, the egg is

strong exactly how it needs to be strong, thus safeguarding the survival of it’s

precious content. An egg is not only strong but it is also beautiful with its

signature continuous curve that flows without disruptions such as right angles.

Who are the founders of EGG?

4 Dutch father founded EGG in 2010: Lars Dekker, Norbert Pollemans, Rick Keijzer and Charly Heusschen 

In which countries is EGG available?

The Netherlands | Belgium | Luxembourg | Germany | France | Spain | Switzerland | United Kingdom | Denmark | Norway | Sweden | Finland | Japan | Poland | South Korea | Hong Kong | Taiwan | New Zealand | Estonia | Latvia

Are you available in the USA?

We have been certified for the USA for ski and snowboarding. We will start distribution at the end of this year. For any requests you can contact us at

If have a question but I can not find the answer?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact us at