Take your customized EGG helmet to the ice rink

Whether you’re skating a marathon where it’s mandatory or when you’re skating recreationally, wearing a helmet is strongly advised. A bicycle helmet will not do because of its size and shape. To be safe while ice-skating you need a helmet that is round and follows the shape of your head. The helmet must be closed off entirely to make sure no blades get in. The Dutch ice-skating association, KNSB advises wearing a helmet to be safe. Especially so when you’re practicing your skating skills, on the rink or natural ice. If you were to fall the round shape of the EGG helmet protects your head all the way down to the neck.

Luckily wearing helmets seems to get more common nowadays. As it should with speeds up to 50 km an hour or 30 mph, which makes it really harmful when you land on ice or on someone else’s skates.  Make a safety precaution a cool one by matching it to your personality. Wearing a helmet has never been this much fun. Customize your own helmet in three simple steps, by selecting your size, choosing your skin design and add an add-on. With a versatile range of designs, there’s a fit for everyone. The add-ons can vitiate from a crown for a skate princess to a mohawk for a cool boy.  Don’t worry you’ll only get to use your favorite headgear a few days this year because it’s suitable for more sports then only ice-skating. You can use it for cycling, skiing, skateboarding, and almost any other non-motorized sport, as EGG comply with all CE1077, CE1078, ATSM1492 and ATSM2040 safety standards.
So you can wear your helmet all year round. 

Besides, who doesn`t want to stand out the crowd with an own customized helmet? 

See you on the ice rink kids, have fun!