Side Protection is key on your bike

Side Protection is key on your bike

Wow, it is good to have somebody else say or proof the things that you started!
You need to be protected on the side of your face as well!

A couple of years ago when we launched EGG, we instigated and challenged the industry with our model for kids as a closed ear model. We liked the retro look, but we were also strong advocates for optimal safety. After several studies and discussions with medical experts we already were hunching that helmets also need to protect kids sideways of the head, the so called closed ear model.  That is why we designed our model with full protection that also covers the ears. In BMX cycling this is common sense. But the industry is still completely centered around the so called ‘open ear model’. That looks good, it feels light so there a plenty reasons to continue with that model.

In Belgium, a test report – Test-Aankoop came out is strongly supporting side protection for optimal safety. Also professor Bart Depreitere of the University of Leuven is strongly promoting continuous research & development in helmet technology to improve the safety.

Wearing an open ear model is still better than no wearing a helmet at all, but it is good that the industry is waking up!

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